Hello! I’m Emma

Welcome to emmairenecavanagh.com!

Who am I?

I’m a social media strategist sharing my love for fashion, beauty, and simplistic lifestyle. I also teach digital marketing so you can grow your online brand. I hold an honours BA in Communications, have successfully completed several internships in marketing, writing, and brand development, and have been an active blogger for over two years. Recently I travelled to Sweden to study abroad and travelled all of Europe over six months, this experience has opened me up to different cultures, expanded my mind globally, and has provided endless benefits in learning how to be comfortable when out of your comfort zone. On weekends I like to take photos, drink a lot of coffee, listen to podcasts, and cuddle with my cat.

What can I do for you?

This space is meant as a platform for connection, be it with me or with one another in the comments section we are creating a community you can always turn to for inspiration, reflection, and answers regarding branding, blogging, social media tips, capsule wardrobe questions, and all of your triumphs!

Whether you are here to learn from me, ask questions, look at images, talk to one another, or inquire about business opportunities I hope you stay and I hope you find value here.