Heather Grey Sweater


Accented Sleeves and Fleece texture 

A sweater I like to refer to as the 'scrunchie sweater' mainly because that term suits it so well and partly because I'm not exactly sure there is a specific way of referencing this style. Regardless, it's FUN isn't it? I really feel this post should be filed under my oversized sweaters post that went live a few weeks ago but it is not, because .. well.. its not oversized. The shade is rather nice and the texture even more so, the warmth it provides is lovely and can be paired with just about anything. 


Wearing Forever21 Sweater | Anthropologie Hat | J Brand Jeans 


The Staple Colour

Heather Grey is one of those colours I can't get enough of, I have about six sweaters in the shade at the moment and will continue to gravitate toward the colour while shopping. It sounds so basic but by collecting colours that can be worn year round you are building a wardrobe that doesn't need a constant refresh, accessories and statement pieces aside.