Mens Thrifted Jacket


Theres nothing quite like finding the perfect wool coat in the most unexpected place.I have  been on the hunt for a black peacoat for months, but everything I came across was either poorly made or above my price range. I decided to check a thrift store in my town on the way home from grocery shopping one day, and by some stroke of luck I found this amazing wool/cashmere blend full length beauty in the mens section, tucked in between a green fur coat and a brown rain jacket. Its true what they say, thrift stores are 100% hit or miss, and most of the time the miss wins.   


Made in Ireland for cold, damp weather, its no wonder Ive remained cozy as the weather begins to drop below negative here in Canada. Reaching my ankles I have never worn such a long coat before and won't be going back any time soon, I feel so chic as it flows when I walk. Paired with the Wilfred Gasperin Rectangle scarf, there's no doubt ill be staying warm all winter.   


Wearing: Thrifted Coat | Vagabond Shoes | Rudsak Gloves | Wilfred Scarf | Lindex Sweater | Levis Jeans 

Photos taken by: Christina of Style Apotheca