Goals for 2018



As 2017 comes to an end I'm reflecting on the experiences I've had throughout the year, the people I've met, and the accomplishments I've achieved. From moving to another country for 6 months and travelling to places I never thought possible, to returning home and finishing half of my last year of University- with marks I never thought possible. I left my twenties and began a new chapter into what I hope to be some of the most life changing years yet. With that said, 2017 was a good year. One of growth and immense improvement in personal strength, and as I continue to strive toward growth I have many goals for 2018. Most of which revolve around personal strength, personal growth, and inner peace. What is important to me however, is to make attainable goals that lead to larger overall goals. Rather than making it a goal to hit the gym every single day (I know that won't happen), I will choose to make an attainable goal of becoming physically and mentally stronger each week through activities I actually enjoy- such as hiking or reading. Small steps leading to big results, kind of like the compound effect. 



Before any goal becomes implemented we must, of course, say goodbye to 2017 and celebrate a new year and essentially a new us. I have had this dress for years and it remains one of my favourites for the holidays, its from TopShop and fits like an absolute glove. I always pair it with a red lip, and this year decided on Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in shade Tannin, as well as a Joe Fresh nail lacquer in shade Cabernet.       

NYE (1).jpg

& Other Stories Fragrance | Forever21 Gold Stacking Rings | YSL Beauty Lipstick | Michael Kors Rose Gold Bangles | H&M Lip Butter 

2017 Favourites 

Some of my favourite belongings attained throughout 2017, and ones in which I used the most during the year.   


10 Goals for 2018

1. Be more compassionate and understanding toward others

2. Improve physical and mental strength 

3. Read more!

4. Prepare more meals at home

5. Plan for the week ahead, every week

6. Create mood boards to stay inspired

7. Eat better, more whole foods

8. Be grateful, and write down what you're grateful for

9. Create small goals for yourself every single week

10. Build What She Styled and foster relationships through blogging


Happy New Year! Im so excited for what 2018 has in store for What She Styled. Thank you so much for following along, I love and appreciate all of you! Have a safe and happy New Year. xx