5 Places in Stockholm

From Cafes to sights, here is a roundup of the top 5 places you need to visit while in Stockholm.

If you happen to be in Stockholm during Cherry Blossom season they make the King's Garden more magical than it already is, we managed to get there when it wasn't too busy and spent the afternoon snapping photos of the beautiful blossoms. Regardless, Kungstragarden is located in the central area of mainland Stockholm and is a must visit all year round. Grab lunch and have a picnic outside, or just sit and relax with friends it's the perfect spot to chill out from a busy day of travelling.  

It feels as if I've blogged about fika dozens of times, but since it's a social custom in Sweden . fika is an obvious addition to this list. Going a day without stopping at a cafe to sit for hours, drink several coffees and a pastry is unlikely while in Scandinavia. Vete Katten is one of the only original Swedish cafes left in Stockholm, the rest are corporate giants with little Swedish flare. Shelves are adorned with beautifully created assortments of desserts while extra large cups are stacked against the back wall of the bar, Swedish employees are dressed in authentic outfits and are so helpful regarding allergies when ordering. I can't say enough good things about Vete Katten, from the insanely gorgeous decor to the perfect details this cafe makes for the most luxe fika break. Bonus: If you are looking for Instagrammable places in the city, this one takes the cake.      

When looking for a free place to see rooftops head over to Observatorielunden, next to the Stockholm Public Library it isn't a long hike up and you can see beautiful views of the city with not many people around. 

Gamla Stan is a wonderful island for exploring through narrow streets and popping into small shops, if you are a fashion lover or shoe connoisseur the Swedish Hasbeens flagship store is a hidden gem. Learn all about the brand, how they are designed and the smell of wood alone is worth it. I really loved the array of colours and found it hard to leave without a pair.    

If you are looking for a scenic walk Skeppsholmen island is perfect for seeing views of ships, architecture, the amusement park, and the Viking Museum. The walk is quite long, and the water gives the illusion of being very far away from the city.  


There are so many sights to see and places to visit in Stockholm, the above are only five of my favourites from visiting the city a few times. Apart from Museums and the usual tourist attractions, I really love taking on the role of a local, and finding hidden gems within every city I visit.