Three days in Copenhagen


Three days is the perfect amount of time to visit most cities, and since Copenhagen is relatively small we managed to visit the major attractions and have some down time to enjoy the culture. We stayed in Hellerup, a little North of the downtown core it was the perfect location for mom and pop shops, cafes, the beach, and a park that looked like something from a postcard. My favourite aspect of the city besides the ability to ride your bike anywhere safely was the Danish attention to detail and design. With cream tones and minimalist details at every corner, it's no wonder millions of people around the world travel to Denmark every year. I really felt in my element as I sported white linen culottes and a cream t-shirt every day we were there.    


Probably the best Scandinavian city


    the main hub

Nyhavn is basically the centre of the city, make your way there by bike and walk through the trademark street lined with restaurants, jump on a boat for a tour of the harbour and once you reach the end make your way over to Paper Island (home of the Copenhagen Street Food market) It is EPIC! I chose Moroccan food from Marrakech as that is my next bucket list destination.

Copenhagen Street Food 

Click on the button above! True to Scandinavian culture coffee is celebrated in Denmark, and Copenhagen is home to an amazing variety of cafes. Filled with homemade pastries and bread, you are sure to find the perfect accompaniment to your morning or afternoon caffeine fix. I also found they tend to favour espresso over drip coffee, which I am totally getting on board with. We sat in Lagkagehuset and people watched for an hour, everyone was so easy going and popped into the cafe for a loaf of bread before hopping on their bike home. 

It was nice to be a part of the culture for a few days, and I think its safe to say ill be back one day