What I Wore for a Day at the Beach

The beach has never really been my thing, with pale freckly skin I burn faster than I tan. It has always been this way, and for this reason I shy away from hot sun rays and the sand that comes along with it. While in Spain, the Mediterranean Sea gave me somewhat of a likeness toward an environment I had always avoided. Perhaps it was the salt water, the beautiful scenery, or the simple fact that it was Spain that changed my mindset. Now I find myself contemplating beach and swimwear the same way I once did shoes. Aside from a good sunscreen and pair of sunnies what you wear to the beach matters, functionality takes precedent in my opinion and what I never leave the house without on a beach day is: a good hat, slip on sandals, a fantastic swimsuit, and an infinitely light summer dress. I urge you to do the same, because while others pack a car full of unnecessary beach baggage these four items are all you really need (and maybe a good book), especially if you plan on leaving them on the shore for a dip in the water.        

Hat and sandals from H&M | Dress last season from American Eagle similar style here 


The Perfect Beach Dress Paired with a Must Have Straw Hat

That Fits Like a Glove

Beachwear wouldn't be complete without the star of the show, swimsuits are usually best when bought before the summer as sizes and styles are the most lush. I found this one piece while shopping in Stockholm a few months ago and was surprisingly pleased with the fit. I am definitely one of those girls who hates the way swimsuits fit, so when I tried this floral one on at River Island buying it was a no brainer. I also tried on four other styles and loved them all. You see, the important part is to feel good about how you look in a swimsuit, regardless of anything else.     

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