The Style Everyone is Wearing This Summer, and Why I Am Too


If you've watched my Instagram stories lately you would have seen this blouse close to a dozen times, I wear it AT LEAST twice a week (no shame) and don't plan on stopping any time soon. The reason being how flattering it is. The neckline cuts across the collar bone adding femininity and softness while the sleeves cover the upper arm, an area that a lot of people like to hide. I love the ties around each elbow and how exaggerated the size of the bell is. I paired it with my Zara bag seen here and Aldo slides I bought last year, the best part about this blouse is it is made from viscose and polyester therefore wrinkle free and you can't beat that.  


How I Wore It

I did go up a size to allow for more room, I find the material and style of this blouse works better when given the ability to flow naturally. This summer has been particularly cool so the longer sleeves have been a blessing, for some reason the backs of my arms get cold the quickest.

Thoughts on Engagement (Leave a Comment Please)

Enough about that, I wanted to mention something that I struggle with when it comes to outfit photos. Finding a good location, and making it seem natural has always been something I wanted to master. There is nothing more awkward than shooting somewhere where you aren't comfortable, therefore this summer we are testing out a new way of taking photos. Basically, we are going to take outfit photos at places we normally go to! Mind-blowing, I know! But in all seriousness, I want to connect with you guys more and what better way than to show you through real moments. If you like this idea, or have any other suggestions regarding engagement please please please leave me a comment below. So for these photos we went on a walk one afternoon (out of boredom) and ended up in one of the parks I frequented growing up in Port Dalhousie, Ontario. Naturally, as so many of us girls do I started picking flowers and smelling them (haha) and my boyfriend ended up taking really beautiful in the moment photos. They are the best kind after all, totally unplanned or staged, don't you think? 

Unfortunately this particular pattern I'm wearing is sold out. However, I did find two other colours in the same style! here