Flounce Dress & A Day Off Social Media

Like most things in life social media can feel like an obligation when consistency is trying to be achieved, resentment can build and ultimately this platform that so many turn to for escapism can become the exact opposite. This is why yesterday, I chose to leave my phone inside and not engage. I spent the day reading a book that has been put off for almost a year, making dinner for my mum and genuinely enjoying a lazy Sunday. When I woke up this morning I realized my social media accounts had a lot less activity going on, which really made me realize the validity of engagement and how if you even stop for one day it can shift your position. I am okay with this mostly because  it is not my main source of income, but a way of expression along with so many others in this field. But I can see how anxiety would occur for those with large accounts relying on the many platforms that provide compensation in exchange for consistent work. It is so important to remain engaged as you build your brand, but why is it that we feel fomo from one day of absence? I suppose we are exchanging more than just work. Then again, like a lot of careers out there taking a break (even if just for one day) before reaching a certain point of success is most likely counterproductive. And while some bloggers might shy away from leaving their phone inside, I found it to be recharging and now coming into Monday I feel more passion and drive to tackle this week than perhaps I would have, if Sunday hadn't been a day off.   

In my last blog post I talked about engaging with my readers through relate ability, showing you where I go everyday rather than specifically choosing a place to shoot as if it was completely natural and stumbled upon. With that being said these shots were taken a ten minute walk from my house along beautifully landscaped homes, I am fortunate to live in a beautiful area and while I sometimes miss the craziness of a big city I am glad to be here. The outfit I am wearing doubles as a dress and a blouse, meaning you can wear it however you like. I decided to go the dress route as it was very hot that day, but would also throw on denim shorts for a more casual look. The sleeve detail along with a beautifully constructed flounce top had me pulling it off the rack, checking off each of my favourite summer trends in one piece. I of course paired it will my classic Daniel Wellington watch and Lindex sunnies. Retailing at only $33.90 you can find the dress here.