Summer 2017 Handbags

There's no doubt that every season begins with somewhat of a wardrobe refresh. Every Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter I become obsessed with a certain item and simply can't get enough. This summer is no exception. Aside from off the shoulder blouses, billowy sleeves, and deconstructed dresses I keep eyeing bags that I MUST own. For me handbags have always just been something to store my wallet, lipstick and phone in (I know crazy,right) but as with everything else this view is changing. Over the last few weeks I have been saving links to bags I want on my laptop, literally saying "omg" while doing so, and decided I wanted a new one for Canada Day. Being my first day back in North America I wanted to congratulate myself on completing my study abroad program, while having something new to show off when I saw all of my friends for the first time. After many days of deliberation I ended up buying this one from Zara based on: price, versatility, detail, and longevity. It is essentially a statement bag (my first) and I really love pairing it with basic outfits and allowing it to be the centre of attention, it is quite trendy but I can definitely see myself wearing it for many more seasons.       

One of the many reasons I love blogging is the ability to explore styles and share them with you. I therefore added links below to 7 bags I personally think are beautiful, and perfect for the summer. I hope you enjoy them! xx

Shop some of my favourites below

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