Pixi by Petra Skincare Review


Natural Skincare products No Parabens and NOT tested on animals

Pixi by Petra has officially changed my morning and nighttime routine. Beautiful, enjoyable products designed to target specific areas you are looking to improve such as: dryness, tone, smoothness, firmness, and those pesky blemishes that just won't go away (spoiler: mine did with the help of the Glow Tonic ! ) I always try to dig deep into the culture and vision behind skincare and cosmetics companies in an attempt to get behind what they are all about. Petra is one of those women who you love instantly (check out the video on her site HERE). Besides being down to earth and living in what I can only imagine to be the most beautiful English Countryside, SHE CARES about what she does and it shows! Each product is carefully manufactured to naturally improve your skin using ingredients such as: Glycol Acid and Aloe Vera. What I love the most about these products is the natural finish each one gives your skin, meaning a lot of products are harsh and overdo what you actually need taken care of (ie. stripping your skin of ANY and all nourishment leaving it dull and dry) My skin is already dry, sensitive and very fair so having gentle nourishing ingredients is essential when looking for skincare. Otherwise I end up looking fatigued and ill- and who wants that?! While the Pixi by Petra line consists of skincare and cosmetics, I am only reviewing three products from her #skintreats line (it's the cutest!) The reason being... i'm a student... so I chose a range of products that can be used during my morning & night time routine because personally that is when skincare matters the MOST to me, not the only time but the MOST essential time of the day to REALLY care about what your putting on your face is in the morning, and before you go to bed. It's sort of like feeding your face, giving your skin energy so it can perform its best for the coming hours. After all, skin is the biggest organ in the body so don't you want to treat it right?! So without further ado lets get into the review! Note: All products purchased at Shoppers Drugmart Beauty Boutique      

Skin treats Glow Mud Cleanser


Infused with 5% Glycolic Acid and Aloe Vera the Glow Mud Cleanser works to clean deep down, exfoliating and removing any makeup and dirt accumulated throughout the day. What is most important is that the formula leaves behind essential nutrients while drawing out impurities- out with the bad and in with the good! Retailing at $24 

Skin Treats Glow Tonic


Retailing at $20 the Glow Tonic remains a cult product that people just can't get enough of, and I can see why! It tones, tightens and brightens the skin while keeping it moisturized. This product helped clear away any #hormoneacne I had and I am super thankful for that!  

Skin Treats Rose Oil Nourishing Face Oil 


Move over moisturizer theres a new obsession in town. I have officially converted to face oils, while I know they may not be for everyone but for someone with dry skin they are a lifesaver. To use massage two to three drops onto your face and use the excess on your lips or massage into hands or on nails, the best part- you can add a few drops to your foundation for extra glow! Retailing at $24  

Youth Enhancing, multipurpose products with high quality natural ingredients  

Using quality products makes such a difference to not only your routine but to how you think about skincare, I cannot wait to come back to Pixi by Petra and try more of her products including cosmetics!