Vintage Tees for Fall and Back to School


T-shirts For Fall

Vintage tees are wardrobe staples, bloggers and fashion lovers all over the world have at least a dozen neatly folded in their dresser. Why? because they go with just about everything and turn lazy days into put together, effortless style days. All you have to do is throw one on with a pair of jeans, dress pants like I opted for, leggings for super casual- sitting in a classroom all day days, or even paired with a skirt. With endless possibilities and benefits vintage tees provide it saddens me to say I currently this one. I never seem to find vintage tees free from band names I have never listened to, or places I have never visited, so I tend to avoid them. Although I rarely drink Coke (mostly on holidays or mixed with rum) I have seen the vintage cola tee circulating Pinterest and Instagram and really liked the 50's throwback. I couldn't find a white version so I opted for the statement red and got it for less than $20 off The fabric is SO soft that I have to force myself not to sleep in it. Needless to say I'm on the hunt for handfuls of vintage tees for fall to pair under a leather jacket or a thick oversized sweater, and back to school for those long days. Although my classmates will most likely get sick of seeing me in them, I will certainly enjoy throwing them on for 8am lectures, and study sessions.   

T-shirts for Back to School

Going back to school is stressful enough, so why not fill your closet with affordable items you'll wear time and time again, all year. Its important to be strategic when it comes to being a student, I never buy any item of clothing (unless its for a special occasion) that I can't wear to class, otherwise whats the point? since I'm at school Monday-Friday. I know for me I like wearing comfortable pieces that can be layered and fit nicely under a jacket or sweater, as my Uni can get seriously cold at times. With that said vintage tees are not a new trend, and they are certainly not groundbreaking, but they often get ignored and I'm here to tell you, to emphasize to you not to ignore them! I promise adding a handful to your wardrobe this fall will be the best thing you do for yourself. So add Vintage tees to your back to school supplies list, and thank me later.   


Where to Buy Vintage Tees

Most stores sell vintage tees and can range from lux like this one by Gucci  or really affordable like this one from Forever21 , regardless of the price opt for styling them with minimalistic pieces letting them take centre stage, or with a statement bag for nights out. Don't forget to check out some of my favourites below! Ive linked affordable, note worthy brands for you to shop!

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