A Collaboration with Style Apotheca

Photography & Editing by: Christina Mychaskiw ( Style Apotheca

Christina and I have known one another for what seems like a lifetime, going our own separate ways after high school we recently reconnected due to a shared interest, and love for blogging. While Christina enjoys the photography aspect I enjoy being in front of the camera, styling outfits and creating a story with poses that sometimes feel a bit like being a ballet dancer on a  giant stage... alone.... Christina is a Pharmacist turned photography loving fashion enthusiast and has a great eye for simplicity, she is currently a city dweller travelling home on weekends to visit family and refuel after busy weeks in the city. This location was a perfect getaway, filled with flowers ready to be picked, and will most likely remain in ruins for weeks after. Working with Christina was a lot of fun, she is down to earth and really focuses on perfecting her shots. Along with hilarious commentary and several tick checks we had a blast, and I realized collaborating is something I want to pursue a lot more in the future. Working with someone with a different perspective and style provides an open mind toward creativity, and a well rounded bog. With that said, we both put our best foot forward and created a set of photos I really hope you love. They are romantic, whimsical, and totally dreamy.   

Wearing Forever 21 hat and romper

Since Christina and I wanted the photos to have a bohemian vibe, I opted for a white romper with sleeves that resembled my mothers wedding dress. Large, floaty, and a gorgeous white material I quickly became obsessed with while wearing. The detailing along the elbows adds romanticism that fits well within the rows and rows of roses, along with an off the shoulder neckline this romper pretty much incorporates every trend I love at the moment. I decided to pair the romper with a beige fabric hat i've had for years and always reach for mostly during the fall, however it fit so well with the theme we both decided I needed to wear it.   

Check out Christina's blog post here: Fields & Flowers feat. What She Styled and don't forget to follow her on all social media xxx