Dark Florals for Fall


Fall Trends

Like dark florals capture the beauty of summer mixed with tones of shorter, crisper days while you transition into another season. Fall is by far my favourite season, not because my birthday just so happens to fall the day before Halloween but because it's reminiscent of returning to a state of hibernation. Although I travel often I am a big homebody, I love being where everything I love is and as I get older the feeling of comfort is something I cherish.

Fall Dresses 

Are such fun to wear, paired with high socks, boots and a long jacket elevating a fall look is really really easy when all you need to worry about is finding the perfect fall dress. Not too short, with sleeves, and a colour that you couldn't get away with wearing any other time of the year ( I mean, who wears Orange or Yellow in the winter anyways?)

Fall Florals

Have been smacking me in the face for weeks now, while I was searching for a guest wedding dress florals are all I seemed to find- So I embraced them. The dark orange tone paired with a black background made this dress feel a lot less girly than a typical floral outfit would, and thats what I really liked about it. I wore a black slip underneath as it was sheer and paired it with an old felt hat and of course, aviator Ray Bans.


With temperatures dropping in Ontario it seems almost odd to be baring legs, while I sit here in my favourite cafe sipping on a cafe harvest latte the leaves outside are strewn across the sidewalk, reminding us it will be time to bundle up soon. For now though, I will still wear this dress, and I think you should too. Let's wear what we want until it gets far too cold, okay?   

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