How Far WSS has come over the past two years: A photography Journey


My Photography Journey

Over the past two years my blog has slowly developed from random every day inspirations with no real direction, to a more curated focused approach. Today, WSS is headed in a good direction as I begin to seriously feel the momentum of content creation. More specifically though, as a total beginner in the photography world I feel comfortable now more than ever behind and in front of the camera. That is to say my photography skills have also slowly developed, and while I am absolutely NOT a professional I have learned a few things along the way. In this post I want to share with you what Ive learned, the tools I've used, and where I plan on going with my photography in the future.

Now I know a lot of people think 'just because you have a camera doesn't make you a photographer' and I totally get that! I am not a photographer, I am a University student utilizing a hobby in her spare time that helps fuel a creative side school simply does not provide. For some reason, a lot of bloggers are super quiet about their photography, who shoots them, what apps they use, and how they edit. Im assuming this is to remain separate and unique from the over saturated field, and while I feel I am unique in my own way I have used others to learn, prosper, and accumulate information within the wide field of photography.

Disclamer: While everyone has their own style when taking photos, and their own preferred style when viewing photos it is important to understand why someone shoots the way they do. For me, I like minimalist styling, with muted tones and one dominant colour (lately its been red). I like photos to be cohesive and not too 'how did they achieve that', I suppose I like to figure them out when I view them. Therefore I take my photos quite casually, and utilize what surrounds me at that moment.        


I started my blog two years ago using the Samsung NX3000 camera with the kit lens. Although I grew out of the camera quickly I found it took really good quality photos, had wifi for instant photo transfer and had a really useful screen for selfies. Sadly, Samsung discontinued their line of cameras so I wasn't able to upgrade the lens leaving me with no choice but to purchase a new camera. At the beginning my photos were quite basic, had no special qualities and were rather flat. I also had my mom take all of my photos, and as she has no idea what to do with a camera she was sort of pressing buttons and hoping for the best. I was fine with that. I simply wanted to capture an outfit within the frame, and didn't care about the background, lighting, depth of field, or angles. Everything was bright, flat, and monochromatic. I look shadows out of mostly everything because I wanted to be able to see every little detail. My goal for the first year therefore was to simply take photos, learn how to pose and become comfortable in front of the camera and build up content for my blog, so it didn't matter a great deal to me if the photos were basic- I just wanted to get started. 


After the first year I was comfortable posing in front of the camera and really wanted to improve my images, by learning more about photography using a DSLR. I was also becoming more interested in product photography, mainly because I enjoy not being the subject and being able to be creative and experiment. At this point blogging was becoming saturated oand people were coming into the game with amazing equipment, unlike me! I was on a student budget and was moving to Sweden for school, so I wanted something portable, affordable, and with more features. I purchased the Nikon D5300 and have been using it ever since, one year to date. I love this camera, the kit lens is surprisingly powerful and the controls are SUPER easy to use as they show you exactly what adjustments you are making. There is a flip screen for the perfect selfie and it is quite light, I used this camera while travelling around Europe and took some amazing photos with it. I have to say though, the Nikon D5300 is a starter DSLR, so if you want to advance your skills you will need to either purchase a better more expensive lens or upgrade the body. 

From here I want to develop my editing skills so I eventually purchased Lightroom and haven't looked back since, Lightroom is everything, from the ability to easily edit photos in batches, to changing colours to shadows to hues it is definitely my favourite editing app on the market. With that said, Im not sure purchasing Lightroom from the start is the best idea, Im glad that I took the time to understand lighting and composition before learning how to really edit.


I now use a preset purchased through Etsy and edit my photos the same way every time. For social media I usually batch edit photos I'm currently loving. and then upload them throughout the week to Instagram, and to Instagram stories. I don't use any editing apps on my phone other than 'unfold' to add text and borders to photos for stories. If you like my photos and were wondering how I edit them I hope you found this post helpful, and if you weren't wondering well hey I shared with you anyway! My blog has been a slow and somewhat long journey, but i'm really happy with where I am today. I feel more confident in creating content I love, while staying true to what you guys want to see. My photography is FAR from perfect, and if you feel the same  CONTINUE ON! In the future I hope to learn how to play with shadows and colours on a more advanced level, but for now, I am focusing on lifestyle photography and setting up subjects in the frame on a more artistic level whether it be a product, or a person.