Life lately, an honest update.

Balzac coffee, where else. 

Balzac coffee, where else. 

Its been a long time since my last post. Its right to think that "bloggers" should really keep on with their work even when they don't feel like it. However, I don't actually get paid for this so the drive to be consistently consistent is blurred with who really cares if I miss a month, or two? Well, I care... and now here we are just shy of three months later. I was wearing a winter outfit in my last post and there was snow on the ground, and no makeup on my face. Looking at that I wonder if I was even really into it at the time. My vision has shifted, my age and anxieties have set in a little deeper and this age of creating an online business from a blog seems outdated. Yes, people definitely make money from blogging but if you really look into it those people have been working hard on their brand for over 5 years. In reality it should take that long, maybe even longer to achieve success. I see so many tips and tricks online on how to make your blog a success, and a lot of them lack the time aspect. Guys, you have to work for years on it before you see ANYTHING. Thats with any business. Anyways, this is about where I've been, and why. I haven't given up, I've merely been searching for where I want to go next. And no, this isn't another "I've figured it all out, and now I'm gonna start working hard and be successful". So here we go....

I just finished the last year of my undergraduate degree, and it didn't exactly finish how id hoped. Instead of finishing with the rest of my '18 class and walking the stage this week, I will be doing so in October. Turns out, I took a bunch of English classes during the first two years of my degree that didn't actually count towards my degree. But hey, they were good classes, with top notch  professors, and invaluable writing and analyzing text experience. *Rolls eyes. I am now three weeks away from completing a Spring class, and following that will need to complete one more 1/2 credit online and then voila! Hello degree and goodbye static student life. Its a bit annoying to not be finished now, and I guess all of that mixed with taking 10 classes over the last 8 months made me feel totally uninspired, sad, and seriously depressed.

Looking at perfectly curated photos online of people's lives just didn't do anything for me anymore, I wanted and was looking for more. 

I came across a blogger named Caroline Joy who I talked about in a  previous declutter/minimalist closet post who was the first person to inspire me in a long time. She did so by writing about having a simple life, doing things daily that most people do and that really spoke to me. Rather than gorgeous tanned models in Rome on a Yacht, or the most perfect expensive makeup look every day I really loved her down-to-earth relatable approach. That blog post of mine was one of my top favourites to date. 

The reason Im telling you this is because it stems from taking a few months off to figure out where I want to go with WSS, and why I wasn't feeling inspired or excited AT ALL to create content. It's SO SO hard to continue on with something when your life feels like shit, but it feels even worse to be creating content the doesn't speak to you. Yes I like fashion, and beauty. But guys thats surface level shit. I care MORE about other things in life. Real issues such as depression, not fitting in anymore, feeling underachieved, feminism, sustainability, and so on... random topics all over the place. But why can't I talk about these things on my blog? because its fashion and beauty based? Yes. thats exactly why. 

Well, now I'm going to because it keeps me fuelled and it matters. The last 5 months of my life have been really, really hard. I need to make changes that I'm too afraid to make, finding what really makes you happy is the key to personal, inner success. And as I age, and become more educated and aware I'm finding happiness in so many small, simple places. A cup of diner coffee on a familiar road, in a familiar part of town. Old books at the used book store, saying something really nice to someone once a day, actually trying to get to know people and open up, starting a second job because the one you've had for the last 4 years is starting to feel wrong. These are things I'm currently working on, the anxiety that fills my veins and nerves almost every day is being challenged when normally it would be subsided by not doing the action that triggers it. Don't take the easy way out, take the hard route because it builds you emotionally and physically. 

Brands shift and change consistently, they adapt to culture and environment, and even personal tastes. They grow and learn from mistakes, and successes. WSS is always going to talk about  fashion and beauty but I've added a little tab under categories where ill be incorporating more life into the blog, whether it be a favourite wine choice of the week or finding finding happiness after what seems like months of sadness. There have been so many things I've wanted to share with you over the years but always felt constrained, I hope you click on that category and enjoy more from WSS.