Summer Jewelry


I used to love costume jewelry growing up, from oversized rings to giant pendant necklaces and even chunky bracelets- an outfit never felt complete without them. These days I choose dainty brass and gold pieces that are crafted to last, that way I don't worry about accessorizing because I already know what I have. Simplifying this step in getting ready gives you more time and lessens stress, and I love owning jewelry that matches allowing you to simply add or subtract according to the occassion.  


Triangle pendant necklace by Prism                               Abstract Face & Coin Necklace shopped through Etsy

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Summer jewelry should be light, and able to stand the sun-heat-and layers of sunscreen you're applying every 30 minutes (I hope). I've cut out most of what I owned and have started adding pieces Ill love for a long time. It's a learning process toward slower, ethical living and these types of pieces are so easily accessible in 2018 it just takes a bit of online research (i.e. Instagram exploration) to find boutique shops creating one of a kind jewelry you'll fall in love with.