Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Purchasing ethical clothing brands is something I have yet to master, paying back a student loan means I can't spend a lot when I do buy clothing. One day I will get there, but its a process-one that Im not scolding myself for not sticking to, but am very aware of. That's not to say nothing in my wardrobe is ethical, it most definitely is. To make up for this shortcoming I carefully selected and purchased a capsule wardrobe for the summer, if I'm going to buy from brands that aren't ethical at least I'm not binge purchasing- I plan on wearing ALL of these pieces many times over.

Summer 10x10 Challenge

If you've been following my slow living journey for the past few months you would have seen when I epically failed the Spring 10x10 challenge I did a few months back. I went over the limit by 2 pieces and was utterly sick of everything by the end. This time, for the Summer 10x10 challenge I'm going all in and have already started planning outfits weeks in advance! The challenge starts July 27th and all details can be found over at Caroline Joys blog Un-Fancy Maybe hit up her IG too for quicker details, it's all there. But if you don't feel like heading over there the challenge is quite straight forward. 10 items, 10 days, 10 outfits. Boom Boom Bang.

The pieces shown above may change slightly, and an updated blog post with all outfits on will go live- so stay tuned for that. I hope this inspires you to create a capsule wardrobe this summer, or simply minimize what you purchase this season.