Capsule Weekly Wardrobe January 14-18


Since working in an office setting and fully away from uniform life, dressing myself everyday has become somewhat of a challenge. Gone are the days of throwing on the SAME black pants because you have to wear black pants according to your boss, and either white-grey-or navy shirt with no branding of any kind. Instead, I now have total freedom… well to an extent. This has required a bit of self adjustment and has challenged me to keep all of my clothes clean in case I choose a combo at 7:45am only to find out it has a stain, or is wrinkled to oblivion.

Luckily, as capsule wardrobes have become the trend it all makes sense now. Choosing a select few pieces at on Sunday evening and curating 5 days of outfits using all of the pieces, as they are all versatile, has become my new thing. It makes life SO much easier, and since i’ve been on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon for nearly a year now I feel prepared and excited.

With that said, each week I will put together this graphic so you can see what I wore all week. Now this is NOT an attempt at showing you how great my closet is, and the like. It’s to help you create outfits for yourself, so you can too turn a burden into something enjoyable and easy. I am here to help you, and I really hope this does!

Please leave any questions you have, and we can chat all things capsule wardrobe and cats… well maybe not cats, unless you want to.

E xx