Meet The Fiona by Fauxgerty. The Perfect Casual Party Dress for Fall

I have found the perfect casual party dress for Fall. The Fiona is an ethically and sustainably made dress by Fauxgerty.

It’s not often I find an item of clothing that makes me feel good on the inside as well as on the outside, but lately the only items that make me feel this way are ones with values and standards in par with my own. At the beginning of the month, Fauxgerty graciously gifted me the Fiona dress in black and it’s safe to say it has quickly become one of my wardrobe favourites, it fits like a glove which is pretty amazing since most brands are never true to size.

Typically I’m a size M and am happy to say the Fiona hugged the right areas, and gave grace in the right areas for an overall unbelievably comfortable garment.

I uploaded a try on video and added it to my Instagram stories going into more detail of the fit, so check them out @emmairenecavanagh on Instagram. You can see the detail closer, the fabric, and my first impression.



When Fauxgerty reached out originally I hadn’t heard of the brand other than from Candice Tay and Petra Alexandra, I went through their site and was completely struck by inspiration and warmth. What they stood for as well as their styles were right on brand with my vision. Of course I jumped on the chance to work with them.


A heavier fabric for a casual party dress to attend Fall events

When the cooler temperatures hit we all gravitate towards a heavier fabric, but oftentimes dresses stay quite light. The Fiona had weight and depth making it not only flow effortlessly but it keeps me warmer than other dresses I own, even with the short sleeve it’s easy to throw on a cardigan and be covered from head to toe.

Now let’s talk casual. With minimal detail and simple design and structure this dress is the definition of casual. Paired with a casual shoe you can head to your Thanksgiving dinner wearing the perfect outfit- go ahead tell everyone it’s ethically made and good for the environment too.


How to style a casual party dress

I styled the Fiona with mules and let the dress speak for itself. The material was surprisingly warm and flowed nicely while I walked. If you’re looking to add a well-made ethically sourced brand, check out Fauxgerty for casual Fall party wear.

Collecting well-made clothing that lasts is a huge step in creating a solid foundation for a wardrobe that not only creates joy, but sparks the beginning of a truly ethical life. Of course in areas that are possible, it’s important to shift our spending into items that we really love. I believe gone are the days where I buy a one-time use item, and I couldn’t be happier. My family has Thanksgiving dinner planned in the next two weeks here in Canada and I can’t wait to wear this dress with flats for the occasion, we all like to dress up and look our best for special days but it’s still important to be comfortable and casual is usually the name of the game.

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