Growing Your Social Media Audience in 2019

Growing a Social Media Audience in 2019


There are hundreds of how-to’s online giving people step-by-step instructions on how to grow your social media audience.  The amount of articles, blogs, YouTube videos, IGTV videos, and the like out there is overwhelming to say the least. But since we are experts and have been researching, planning, and putting into practice different methods and strategies over and over again for years. We have learnt first hand what works, and what doesn’t, and what is really worth your time in the long run.


First off, growing a social media audience is imperative to your brand because it means you can eventually sell your service to them, after creating a trusting relationship that is. Consumer to brand relationships create longevity and what we learned in business school, repeat or loyal customers. This is where you make your money, and your mark.


Grow your social media by targeting your audience


Start off growing on social media by really targeting your audience, find your niche and stick to it.  Who is it that you want to speak to? What do you want to say and how will you respond? From there focus your social media growth on that niche, and dive into the community. You can do this through hashtags, comments, and even community boards on Pinterest. When you are in a relevant area search engines will naturally show you more of what you want to see. For example, say you’re really into knitting and that’s all you look for online, you search within the knitting community and look up knitting hastags. Search engines like Google, and Pinterest will show you more of that topic. Instagram and Facebook will also start noticing what your interests are and show you relatable people. Social media is here to help make your life easier, you just have to figure out how to strategize and use it properly.



Once you have your niche figured out, and if you don’t at first that’s okay but you should have a general idea of whom you want to appeal to, and what you are offering. You can of course tweak things after but a general idea if you don’t have a niche yet is good.  Now here is the juice, you will see hundreds of ways to quickly grow your following or easy ways to get to 10K etc. out there on the Internet. Ignore it! These are a waste of your time, why? Because it takes time and effort to grow an audience and if you do it the right way it will pay off HUGE in the long run. Remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight. If you only have 500 followers as long as they are targeted, and engaged that’s really all you need for now. Do not try to fast lane this because it won’t work. Ever.


Grow your social media audience through engagement

One big point to note is you have to engage to grow your social media audience. It’s as simple as that. Engage with your following, find out who they are and what they like and consistently engage with them. Take an hour out of your day to do this and I promise you will grow, if you are consistent. Creating high quality images and having a colour theme is also important but with the amount of apps and the quality of phones these days it’s not difficult to do that. Just engage as much as possible and people will start to see you as likeable and loyal.

Grow your social media audience through consistency


Be consistent in order to grow your social media audience. Engage with the same people daily, be it competitors or leaders and then dig deeper by engaging with their audience.  Again, consistency is key and just like everything else branding you must be consistent. People will forget about you otherwise, if you’re always on their radar you are in the right place. Look to see what time or time’s of the day your audience is the most active and carve out those time frames to engage with your audience and post fresh content every day, for weeks-months-and years. If you take one day a week off that’s fine, we all need time to reset but don’t go MIA for a week and come back expecting your social media audience to be engaged just the same. Be a consistent part of their life, and your audience will grow and whether it’s quickly or not keep at it-I promise it’s totally worth it.