How to batch blog posts for content efficiency in 2019


Are you looking to create organic online content that helps grow your brand or business but don’t think you have the time, or set of ideas to make it successful? Well, we’ve got you covered just keep on reading.  


What is batching blog posts?

Batching content is not new to digital marketing, but it is a proven strategy that many content creators and the like skip. Why? Because it takes more time, at least that’s what the majority thinks. In actuality, batching content has proven to be more successful in terms of time management, consistency, and productivity. Don’t believe us? Lets break things down starting with what batching content is, how to do it, and the results achieved. 


How to batch blog posts

-Instead of creating content on the fly with no strategy or timeline in place its important to pre-plan. Create a monthly content calendar and fill in what you would like to talk about each week, find out if there are any special days that month to base content off of, and what is currently trending online. What you’ll end up with is a full calendar, filled with content that is purposeful and strategic. It may seem daunting to have so many days filled in, but its what you do next that matters. 


-Highlight related topics from each week in different colours and work on the colour related days at once, lets say a Sunday for arguments sake. Now on Sunday carve out a few hours out of your day, sit down and go through each colour in one sitting. Say pink highlight means marketing, work on all pink highlighted days at once. This creates consistency for your brain, and you’ll be able to continue the conversation without having to switch topics. When you’re on a roll and in the zone your brain will become more productive, and content will flow more easily and congruently. By not switching from task to task and staying on a creative streak you will save a lot of time. Think about how much time you waste context switching and taking small breaks, if you eliminate those off topic activities you do from those select few hours you’ve carved out of that specific Sunday, great things can happen. 



-Once you finish a batch of related topics you can now schedule them, by scheduling them in batches it’s easier to see which day’s they are going out on and what headlines you’ll be using. This also creates efficiency because you can create a plan to post three marketing posts a week, and move on. Rather than clicking on each separate day and trying to figure out if you scheduled a marketing post that day. 


-You can also batch your graphics for each post, and batch edit you posts too. Essentially you want to do this realistically so start off with 3 or 4 posts to batch, that could be a week, or that could be a months worth of content-whatever you choose to do when you do it together its faster. 


-Now, once your content is batched and scheduled you can begin to market it. Think of the 80/20 rule, you should be creating content 20% of the time and marketing it 80% of the time. Batching allows for that 20% of content creation to be seamless, now the hard work can begin- a.k.a the marketing of said post. We’ll go over the 80/20 rule of marketing in another blog post but for now the main takeaway is that you need to get your audience to see your content, so by using the batching method you can put less energy into creating posts, and more energy into getting your content in front of the right eyes.