Mejuri Toronto Jewelry Brand

Mejuri- Toronto based jewelry designer

 Creating capsule wardrobes is something that’s always been part of my brand as a way of helping readers simplify their lives, but your wardrobe consists of other things besides your clothes,right? 

Toronto based fine jewelry brand Mejuri reached out to me a few months ago regarding their affiliate program, aka the #finecrew and I jumped at the chance to be a part of such an amazing company. First off, its female founded- can I get a hallelujah! Secondly, its affordable luxury pieces are just what female’s need. The attainability of quality jewelry is not easy when you have a million other expenses; it’s also not on most people’s radar as a necessity to own. BUT navigating this world with sans gold on neck and finger is something we as women should not have to endure, thankfully CEO and founder Noura Sakkijha felt the same way-so she created the brand. 


One thing I loved from the start was being able to wear every piece on a daily basis, no need for a special occasion or fancy repertoire. You can head to the movies or out for coffee draped in simple, beautiful pieces. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing over the past few months. I can’t remember the last time I wore a ring that didn’t turn my finger green. 


The dome ring shown above is ultra light and handcrafted in vermeil, a thick 18k gold layer on top of sterling silver. Best part? No tarnishing of any kind happening here. 

I received the zodiac necklace months ago and haven’t taken it off since, made from the same material as the ring mine is engraved with my sign, Scorpio. I love wearing something that has a personal touch to it; those items usually get a lot more wear from me. 

Lastly, the organic pearl necklace was such a good addition to my collection, its super elegant and feminine which I am all here for. 

This is the start of my capsule jewelry collection that can be carried into every season, once you start turning little aspects of your life into a simpler version you will find you become a little lighter. 

I am very grateful to work with Mejuri and promote their products, I can honestly say they are worth every penny.