Paperless Post- Garden Party

Waste less with digital invitations

As I continue on my journey to less waste, it occurred to me that buying less clothing isn’t the only way to minimize your environmental footprint. Single use paper products are created and distributed every single day. Now imagine how much waste that creates, unless of course said products are 100% recycled materials- which in a lot of cases are not.

We live in a digital world, people are one their phones and computers now more than ever- so why not restructure bits of your life differently and do your part?

When Paperless Post reached out to me asking if I would be interested in receiving coins to purchase e-invitations, I had no idea what the company was all about. So I researched-and to my surprise became immersed in beautiful imagery, textures, and possibilities.

About Paperless Post

Paperless Post is an online stationary company who’s aim is to help connect people in real life. Through Paperless Post you can create your own well designed invitations, and send them to as many people as you’d like- rather than going out and buying invitations that will most likely be thrown away days of not hours later. Their focus is to help connect people in real life, beautifully-regardless of the medium. Something we all need help with as this digital age advances. Paperless Post has partnered with several world famous brands such as Kate Spade, Rifle Paper Co., and has delivered over 85 million cards to date. So you know they are reliable, and people love the concept!

Garden Party

I immediately became inspired to create my own invitations to send to some of my closest friends, and since I know they all are very digitally connected I knew this would be a perfect, and unique way to invite them. I decided to host a garden party in my backyard where we could have summer cocktails, good conversation, and a lot of laughs.

It was very important to me that the invitations were feminine, whimsical, and sparked excitement. It was also important that this process be easy- so the bulk of the effort can be shifted towards other planning aspects of throwing a party. Luckily you can customize your invitations any way you’d like, to evoke whatever style and feeling you wish within minutes- I literally had zero issues, complications, and there was no confusion as each step is prompted and carefully administered. I am so happy with how they turned out, and I decided on a template created by Rifle Paper Co. my friends loved receiving them in their inbox- they even said it was a nice treat in a sea of spam and advertising emails.


How it works:

  1. You choose whatever template you want.

  2. You then customize the font, colours, and look according to your preference, even the envelope.

  3. You then add the email addresses of your guests and simply send them the invitation.


You can then monitor who accepts/declines/has yet to open it/or if it failed to send via desktop and mobile app. Your personal dashboard allows you to purchase more coins to send more invitations, monitor your guest list, send event reminders, request RSVP’s, and there is even an event section to add photos and comments either while at the event, or afterwards. I was able to see instantly who received my Cocktails and Conversation invitation, who opened it and who RSVP’ed. I was even able to answer questions about the party through a ‘Message the Host’ feature each guest was provided through the invitation email I sent them. One asked what they should wear, another if they should bring anything. I loved how simple, organized, and instant this feature was. It made planning the party a breeze!

It truly is a unique and fun way to plan and host any type of event you’re having. I am so happy with how my Cocktails and Conversation e-invites turned out and will definitely be using Paperless Post in the future.


If you’re unsure of the location, both the desktop and mobile app version of Paperless Post integrates with Google Maps allowing you exact direction details, as well as calendar reminders as the program syncs with the calendar on your phone.

If you need help coming up with an event idea, or don’t know where to get started check out their blog here for tons of event inspiration, and how to turn that birthday party into the party of your dreams!


Summer Cocktails being enjoyed while friends connect.

You can visit Paperless Post here and take a look at the amazing designs available.


Thank you so much to Paperless Post for allowing me to create a beautiful invitation, and host such a fun day with friends. I truly don’t think I’ll be going back to traditional invitations as most of them end up filling up drawers in my house, or lost before the event even happens. With e-invites I know my invitation is stored safely in my phone, which I always have access to, and I can pull it up at any time. It’s also been a great way to keep track of my guests, and make sure I know who is attending. Staying connected in real life to the people who are most important to be is priceless, and something I am working on more and more on a daily basis. This idea and company helps me reach out to people so I can connect on a deeper level, more consistently. I know a lot of you feel the same, so please don’t hesitate to share your story and let us know who you would invite.

Is this concept something you would be interested in doing? Let me know in the comments below and I can see if a giveaway is appropriate in the future!

E xx