Your Brand Is Made Up Of Your Consistencies


Despite what you may think, branding is all about who you are when no one is looking. Sure you can create custom fonts, colours and the like but the personality behind it all is what really stands out. Im writing this post to give you a behind the scenes look at who I am, using images of things I love and things that are in my life on a regular basis. Not going to lie I've struggled a lot finding my personal brand, trying to make sure its ‘cool’ enough for the internet and trendy enough to become something. But heres the thing, I’m not ‘cool’ or trendy, I’m a simple Canadian girl with goals and interests similar to any other 30 something. The problem is, turing that into a brand set apart from everyone else’s is tough and has been tough, but the more time goes on the more I narrow down what my brand is and how I want it to serve others.

You don’t have to have it all figured out right away, in fact its better that you don’t. The more you narrow down the aspects of your brand that stand out the more successful and confident you’ll be, think of the consistencies and repetitions within your every day life because thats what makes your brand. Those things are the natural part of who you are, so use them to your advantage.

The above are images of some consistencies in my life that make me who I am, and that translate into my brand.

  • My cat, showing my love for animals as I seek out ethical products

  • My capsule wardrobe, which is a huge part of my brand

  • The view from my work space, and where I get inspiration

  • Items from my capsule wardrobe

  • Candles made from local makers, as supporting local is very important to me

  • My journal, as I try and write more and become more mindful of slow moments

  • A current favourite magazine, as print has always been a part of my dream

I hope this post gives you a start in breaking through the confusion you have about brand building, brands that lack personal touches are not as successful and end up loosing longevity. So think about what makes you you, and use those aspects to grow your brand, and differentiate yourself from everyone else.

E xx