Summer Dresses

We all know during the summer months dresses are a go-to when you want to look feminine, put together, and comfortable when the sun beams its heat down onto you. But at the same time I hate spending a lot on something I will likely only wear for a few months, especially while i’m in the middle of paying off student debt. I managed to snatch this H&M dress up from my mums closet right before she was about to throw it away, and i’ve been wearing it ever since. It fits perfectly, is stretchy and fits in all the right places.

Ive been styling it different ways, but love these white mules the best since the dress is long sleeved, open toe shoes makes the outfit seem more summer appropriate.

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Clothing swaps with friends, family, or even co-workers provides a great new life for an item that would be donated or thrown away otherwise. Luckily for me my mum and I are relatively the same size so the dress was a good fit for me as it fit her a little big. Our environment is suffering from our decisions, so if you are able to make a good one when it comes to your clothes please do! After awhile choosing pre-worn items becomes rewarding and more special. Just think of the stories these garments hold.

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EIC xx