Vintage Blazer

Blazers have been a staple in every women’s wardrobe since we were allowed to work, and needed something professional yet stylish to wear everyday. However, heaving out handful’s of cash for an item you will most likely need in more than one colour isn’t ideal, especially when you have so many other expenses to worry about. Today, women are searching more for vintage blazers that can be worn both for work and for a coffee run. But even vintage blazers are costly due to their ideal structure, and trend status.

Second-Hand Blazers

A simple solution to this is thrifting. Last year, I decided to check out the mens blazer section at my local thrift shop and surprisingly found racks FULL of vintage blazers in arrays of colours, textures, and styles- some might need to be adjusted to fit your body type mind you, but regardless the price can’t be beat and you’ll find better quality items compared to what most modern stores sell. So far I have added one vintage blazer in brown, and recently black to my capsule wardrobe. Paired with a belt around the waist to cinche in the oversized nature of a man’s blazer they make for the perfect addition to an otherwise boring outfit, and can fit in well with your spring and summer capsule wardrobe. Just make sure to buy one that is a tad loose fitting for layering, and a more relaxed look otherwise you may end up finding it uncomfortable.

vintage blazer

Black Vintage Blazer

This one is the perfect fit, my mum scored it for me after accompanying me to many thrift shops, she tends to buy new a lot so I really appreciate her effort to live by my lifestyle bending her traditional way of shopping- Go mum! She did go as the piece she chose is thin and textured making it perfect for Spring and Summer by itself, or layered with lighter tee shirts and tank tops. I am mostly excited to wear this vintage beauty with denim short for a cool street style look. Even though we have moved a long way from needing to wear blazers to work the trend is coming back this year more than ever, but in a more casual way. You will see me incorporating many more vintage blazers into my capsule wardrobe this year because they act as a jacket, go with everything, and add a much needed elevation to any outfit. You really can’t loose with this one.

With that being said, it’s important to know what to look for when shopping for vintage blazers. Below is a short but sweet list of things to look for when shopping for vintage blazers in thrift stores.

black vintage blazer

Thrifted Blazers: How to Shop

  1. Choose one or two sizes larger than your normal size for optimal comfort

  2. Choose a neutral colour

  3. Choose a classic style

  4. Make sure you can cuff the sleeves for a more casual look

  5. Make sure the length is either to the middle of your bum or just below

  6. Choose a lighter fabric for the spring and summer months

  7. Make sure you can remove the shoulder pads!

These tips may seem obvious but I cant tell you how many times I see women wearing blazers that just don’t look right because they’re either too large, or too busy. The cleanest most versatile pieces in our closet are those with no noise, they are simple and practical with endless opportunities for wear. Theres a reason fast fashion stores like Urban Outfitters replicate vintage blazers and sell them for double the price, consumers both men and women are hot for them right now so you know there will always be a chance to wear one that’s in your closet.

vintage blazer

Blazers for Women

Blazers for women have been a statement piece throughout history from Audrey Hepburn to the girl working at your local bank there is no way it’s going out of style, so you might as well be tactical and figure out the most effective way of getting a number of them into your closet for as low a cost as possible. Not to mention the wonders you’re doing for your carbon footprint, studies have shown that big name thrift stores are just as bad for the environment and your pocket than fast fashion stores. But you can’t deny it’s better to create something new from something old than buy new from scratch, so if you’re looking for a new lifestyle or feel ethically inclined to shop second hand please do so- you’ll be surprised at the gems found throughout the racks and racks of clothing at thrift stores or vintage stores as some would call them.

Where do you buy your blazers from? are they thrifted? And what is your preferred style?

EIC xx