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Holidays Without a Loved One

Holidays without a loved one are hard, but the first year without my Dad wasn’t the worst. Holidays got worse as they became a reminder of what was missing, and trying to navigate through a time that is supposed to be happy is pretty awful. This post isn’t meant to be a guide or numbered list to help you get through Holidays without a loved one, this post is meant as a raw conversation and an understanding of the emotions you go through, and perhaps what it takes to get through Holidays without a loved one, whether its your first Holiday or 5th.

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5 Pinterest Worthy Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Your Thanksgiving table setting is the first thing your guests see when they sit down to eat, if it’s curated thoughtfully it might even make it on their Instagram feed. Here is a roundup of 5 Pinterest worthy Thanksgiving table settings, from rustic to traditional to give you inspiration for your dinner. 

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